Loan despite negative Credit bureau and education

Are you looking for a loan despite a negative Credit bureau in training? Then we have put together an overview for you of which credit opportunities exist and which loan offers are unsuitable.

Credit despite negative education and training – what’s not possible?

Credit despite negative education and training - what

If trainees are looking for a loan without Credit bureau, the negative Credit bureau entry is often due to a cell phone contract. The bill was finally paid, only the Credit bureau entry remained. Actually the best conditions for getting a loan from a foreign bank. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

A loan for trainees as a loan without Credit bureau from a foreign bank is definitely impossible. A look at advertising promises a lot. Even advertising with no credit rating or no income is mentioned. The fact is, only a credit bank currently offers the loan without Credit bureau legally in Germany. It requires an unlimited employment relationship and, for single people, a net work income of at least 1,130 USD.

A trainee cannot meet both requirements. The training contract is always limited in time and ends with the successfully passed examination. An ordinary trainee earns less than half of the required income.

Which government credit options are opening up?

Which government credit options are opening up?

When it comes to the question of which loan can be possible despite a negative education and training, the purpose is decisive. If the loan is required as part of the training, an educational loan from the Federal Administrative Office can be applied for. The negative Credit bureau alone is not a reason for rejecting the state educational loan. Only insolvency proceedings (private bankruptcy for debt relief) must not have been initiated.

The educational loan would, for example, be eligible for professional goals, such as beauticians or educators. However, not every profession is equally funded from the outset by the educational loan. For training as a beautician – you can receive funding right from the start. Vocational training as an educator – only from the 13th month.

Credit opportunities despite Credit bureau in training – no purpose limitation

Credit opportunities despite Credit bureau in training - no purpose limitation

Ordinary training salary hardly enables you to actually repay a loan. The existing negative Credit bureau entry is the best proof that the ability to repay is only very limited with the training salary. Nevertheless, trainees still want to find a way to implement wishes in this situation. A typical example is the vacation trip.

The trip could be paid for with the additional vacation allowance. Unfortunately, this money is only paid out after the holiday has been settled. If you still want to go on vacation with this money, you can ask for an advance at the payroll office. As a rule, trainees are granted such a credit despite a negative Credit bureau in their training.

Another loan option is usually the loan from private donors. With the training salary, however, access to the large portals is already questionable in the event of a negative Credit bureau entry. The currently largest provider is best bank. In order to be able to publish a loan request on the portal, however, at least a scoring value of H is required.

With a normal income, this scoring value can be achieved despite having completed a Credit bureau entry. For the loan, despite the negative Credit bureau in training, it is very questionable whether the value will be reached.

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